Real-Time performance management for multiple mining plants

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) for mining production processes using direct OPC interface

The client is a Titanium mining production company specializing in titanium minerals such as ilmenite and rutile, operating in Mozambique. This customer is a member of the FTSE All-Share index and supplies over 15 countries worldwide.


Due to the massive scale of operation, performance analysis of operators proved very difficult. Combining this with the lack of automatic data aggregation, made them the perfect candidate for a Shoplogix Real Time Performance management solution. But the problem did not stop there, the layout of their site made installing such a system a difficult job. The site consisted of 3 main plants, each separated by many kilometres of beach sand. The only infrastructure between the 3 plants being pipelines, HV lines and a LAN network. To make matters worse, each plant is over 4 storeys tall, with many motor and drive trains causing large amounts of vibrations. Definitely not a suitable location to run data cables or house sensitive electronic equipment.


Thankfully, our Shoplogix OEE solution has the ability to interface directly to the mining production lines PLCs, using OPC interface. The OPC interface negated the need for any signal cables or installation of equipment in the plant itself. Instead, all required hardware was safely installed inside the onsite IT office.


Thanks to OPC interface, implementation was a breeze. Our real - time analysis system was able to communicate to all machines using the existing network infrastructure already in place. This allowed us to automatically gather statistics on the production process such as throughput, speed, stoppages, as well as automated alerts triggered by the PLCs. This data, known as Shoplogix Machine Truth, is completely unbiased and provides the perfect foundation to drive the customers Continuous Improvement programs. The result of using OPC interface was the completion of the entire installation in 5 days.


Thanks to the simplicity of OPC interface, new machines installed on site were easily added to our Shoplogix system. This allowed the customer to retain their plantwide visibility and effortlessly monitor their operator’s performance.