Packaging Solutions


This client is a global company with a packaging facility located in the East of Johannesburg. The company manufactures plastic and paper disposable tableware. The company has been operational since 1976.

The Problem

The company was collecting data manually, with an operator collecting information and entering it into a system. By using manual data collection, they often encountered problems such as; data inaccuracy, untimeliness and bias data. Sometimes the data was written then later put into the system by a different person who sometimes omitted something and when these mistakes formed part of a data report it became difficult to detect them. Manually collected data was entered into the system only after the shift ended then the data was made available for analysis. However, because the factory is a dynamic environment they had a problem where they did not know what happened in between the shift i.e. when the machine broke down, how long did it take to run again? the operator had influence on the data they entered, sometimes they would not put down the correct reason for downtime.

The Solution

Shoplogix offers Machine Truth. Shoplogix collected their data directly from the machinery. It aggregated data from multiple machines across the whole factory and compiled it into effective, action orientated real time reports. These reports included different production schedules, targets and downtime reasons.


Sensors were put into the machines across the whole factory and these sensors collected production data. The data was produced in the form of a report with accurate hours. When a machine was idle they knew and reasons were also provided.

The Problem Resolved

With Machine Truth, Shoplogix eliminated the use of manual data collection to get reliable machine data and accurate production data.


The company has now adopted a continuous improvement culture to foster sustainability through training and training.