How Shoplogix can maximize your profits


Shoplogix uses real time, machine truth, data collected directly from your production lines, making important information such as Availability, Performance and Quality available on a per line basis. This information can be used in a variety of ways to help your organization maximize their profits.

Downtime reason codes:

Shoplogix makes use of a user-friendly dashboard to allow operators to capture downtime reason codes. These codes provide insight into the issues experienced on the line. These downtime codes are available in a Pareto report, highlighting the lines biggest issues, allowing you to focus your attention on these areas. Once the issue is highlighted, it can be addressed and reduced. A reduction in downtime will result in an increase in availability, meaning few shifts and overtime to meet the same production targets.
Exceeded standard times: Shoplogix has the ability to track a downtime duration, against a standard time. Typical application would be monitoring of changeover times. Once a changeover is selected as a downtime reason, the system can track if the operator managed to completed the changeover in the given time, or by how much they exceeded the time by. Any exceeded standard time is considered low hanging fruit and can result in a quick and easy increase in availability.

Automated alerts and escalation:

Not only does Shoplogix record downtime reasons down to the millisecond, but it also has the ability to automatically alert the relevant persons in the event of a downtime reason being selected. The idea behind automated alerts is to automatically send out and email or SMS, alerting the receiver of a problem on the line. This allows the supervisor, maintenance or even managers to get to the line to assist the operator with the issue they are experiencing, further reducing their downtime.

Line speed monitoring:

Shoplogix is able to record line speed on a per job/product basis. This can be done in real time, or as a weighted average across a set time period. Reports such as variable trends allow you to trend performance over a variety of jobs/products, identifying any problematic jobs/products.
Any combination of the above will allow you to highlight and tackle problematic areas of a production line, increase throughput and reduce overtime, all resulting in an increase in profit for your organization