Training workshops to help you get the most out of the production processing management system.


Our Best Pratices training workshops help you take the management system to the next level, and to make the most of the production line solution. 

Line managers, floor managers and applicable personnel are taught how to improve production processes, analyse real-time data and follow the processes set up. 




 Accelerating Continuous Improvement Workshop

Training with Leading Edge and Shoplogix

Learn how to leverage the tools and features of the Shoplogix system to its fullest extent. Get a refresher on Shoplogix analytics & visualization, train on new concepts within the Shoplogix Whiteboard and incorporate best practices in your daily and weekly routine.

  • Plant Tour / Discovery
  • Overview of basic concepts
  • Whiteboard training
  • New Features & Modules
  • Advanced reporting
  • Best practices with Shoplogix day-to-day
  • 1 Day | Beginner / Intermediate


Increasing company - system adoption

Using Shoplogix software in Your Plant

Ivestigate how to integrate Shoplogix production process software and how others have managed this process. Strategise and build techniques which are used to standardize and increase adoption of Shologix within your plant. Plan how to use procedures and best prcactises successfully.

  • Plant Tour / Discovery
  • New Features & Modules
  • Standardization results in improved data
  • How to maximally leverage advances Shoplogix functionality
  • Optimize processes
  • Adoption Scorecards
  • Structured management reviews
  • 1 Day | Intermediate / Advanced


 ROI roadmaps - Kaizen Workshop

How to identify significant losses 

Hands-on Kaizen workshop
Using a step by step approach, measure quantify and understand the financial impact of the losses
Understand how losses translate to ROI
Shoplogix Whiteboard you will i Identify the root cause using plant-floor observation*
Have findings discussion and initiate Action Plans
Create a Kaizen that you can digitally manage and share your CI initiatives.

*Supplement with video observation whenever possible – for training purposes only.

  • Plant Tour / Discovery
  • New Features & Modules
  • Identify top losses using Whiteboard
  • Understand the financial impact
  • Creating an Action Plan to drive CI
  • Creating Kaizens (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
  • Measure & quantify improvements
  • 1 Day | Advanced